Posted by: Stephanie Wilson on Dec 10, 2009

New iPhone App

itunes "Space Wx" iPhone app released on September 1, 2009

Apple released the "Space Wx" app through iTunes to provide the first real-time space weather visualization on a mobile device. This app is a new educational and public outreach capability that has never existed for visualizing space weather right now as solar and geomagnetic conditions affect the ionosphere. Space Weather Center (SWC) partnered with Space Environment Technologies (SET) to develop the app.

Corporations, such as those who own large oil rigs and commercial aviation, are part of a customer-base for the product. Those users are able to 'see' the processes behind disruptions to high frequency radio communications, GPS accuracy, power grids, and aviation. With this app, one can select views of global and regional total electron content conditions, along with the current views of the Sun, solar X-rays, magnetospheric electrons and protons, and solar wind activities that disturb the ionosphere.