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USU GAIM_GM Realtime Continental U.S.

Real-time continental U.S. regional GAIM ionosphere data started on November 18, 2009. SWC began operations of the region continental U. S. (CONUS) GAIM Gauss-Markov ionosphere system to produce a high resolution definition of ionosphere parameters. GAIM CONUS uses 424 USTEC station (the CORS network) with up to 10,000 measurements ingested every 15 minutes.

The continental U.S. (CONUS) Gauss-Markov GAIM system runs operationally on SWC servers. The real-time ionosphere data of total electron content (TEC) and time-dependent electron density profiles are generated every 15 minutes using the CORS U.S. GPS network of approximately 400 stations with multiple slant TEC measurements taken at each station. There are approximately 10,000 slant TEC measurements ingested every 15 minutes in the GAIM system.